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  • MF2026
    Harvesting Wheat

    Provides information on wheat harvesting. Suggests minor adjustments to the combine to drastically reduce grain losses or improve grain quality. Additional wheat saved is clear profit.

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  • MF2027
    Radial Tire Inflation Pressure

    Maximum tractor performance requires optimizing tire inflation pressure. Overinflated tires have smaller footprints & produce less traction. Underinflated tires have decreased life.

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  • MF1174
    Cold Storage for Specialty Cut Flowers and Plant Material

    This publication will cover cold storage options, construction factors, equipment, and operation practices for fresh flower and plant material postharvest management.

  • MF1151
    Emergency Wind Erosion Control on Flood Affected Land

    Sand and silt deposits increase the susceptibility of soils to wind erosion. If wind erosion occurs, be prepared to perform emergency tillage with a narrow chisel or moldboard lister.

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  • MF1150
    Managing Soil Compaction on Flooded Fields

    Rain pounding on soil surface may cause it to become extremely hard. This compaction can make planting crops difficult, especially on no-till fields.

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Displaying 111 to 115 of 124 Publications.

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