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  • MF2941
    Machinery Safety on the Farm

    Timely maintenance, responsible use, and comprehensive safety awareness training are ways farmers can protect themselves and others from injury or death when working with and around agricultural machinery. 4 p.

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  • MF2715
    Guide to Managing Safety for Employers and Supervisors in the Landscaping and Horticultural Services Industry

    Motor vehicles, machinery and tree trimming hazards are major causes of injury in landscaping and horticultural services. 40-page, b/w.

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  • MF2953
    Leasing vs. Buying Farm Machinery

    Farm equipment can be purchased, leased, rented, or custom hired. Net Present Value (NPV) analysis is used, with examples, to help determine the advantages and disadvantages of the options, including tax impacts. 8 p.

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  • MF2915
    Hand Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet

    To calibrate a hand sprayer for pesticides and other chemicals, you should know what volume of liquid you are spraying over a given time period. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 4-page, b/w.

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  • MF2906
    Biodiesel Fundamentals

    Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils and animal fats in a process called transesterfication, which involves combining fatty oils with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. It shares many physical properties with traditional petroleum- based diesel fuel. It should not be stored more than 4 months. 2 p.

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Displaying 26 to 30 of 128 Publications.

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