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  • MF2906
    Biodiesel Fundamentals

    Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils and animal fats in a process called transesterfication, which involves combining fatty oils with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. It shares many physical properties with traditional petroleum- based diesel fuel. It should not be stored more than 4 months. 2 p.

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  • MF2914
    Boom Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet

    Proper calibration, or adjustment, of a sprayer is essential for accurate pesticide application. Ongoing routine calibration is necessary because abrasive pesticides can damage nozzle tips. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 2-page, b/w.

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  • MF2895
    Pumps for Applying Crop Protection Products

    Centrifugal and roller pumps are typically used for low-pressure sprayers, and diaphragm and piston pumps are more popular when high-pressure sprayers are needed. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 8-page, b/w.

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  • MF2894
    Calibrating Boom Sprayers

    Adjustment of a sprayer is essential to ensure it is applying the correct amount of chemical evenly over an area. Failure to calibrate a sprayer can cause plant injury and pollution. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 8-page, color.

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  • MF2712
    Tree Trimming Safety for the Horticultural Services and Landscaping Industry

    Safety practices to be followed when manually pruning trees. Safety tips, along with real accident reports, help you protect yourself from hazards. 44-page, b/w.

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Displaying 26 to 30 of 124 Publications.

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