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  • EP119
    Carpet Beetles

    Carpet beetles are common pests of woolens, rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, silk, museum specimens, furs, hair, feathers, hides, horns etc. They may also infest stored food products. 2-page, B/W.

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  • EP121
    Millipedes and Centipedes

    Centipedes and millipedes prefer moist habitats. They are considered nuisances rather than destructive pests. Centipedes are occasional threats because they have poison glands and will bite. 1-page, B/W.

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  • EP122
    Clothes Moths

    Clothes moths are common pests of woolen clothing, felt, rugs, carpets, blankets, upholstered furniture, furs, and similar organic materials. They may damage other fabrics if soiled. 2-page, B/W.

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  • EP125
    Common Spiders

    Sanitation is critical in successful spider control. Remove or destroy spider webs, egg sacs and spiders. Vacuum behind and under furniture and clean storage areas regularly. 2-page, B/W.

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  • EP123
    Silverfish and Firebrats

    Silverfish and firebrats are primitive insects that live in the soil, in leaf litter, and in homes and buildings. They are active at night. These insects feed on paper, books, starch, and similar materials. 2 p.

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Displaying 16 to 20 of 31 Publications.

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