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  • MF2998
    Pruning Shrubs

    Advice to help prune shrubs. When to Prune. Light pruning, no more than 10 percent, can be done anytime of year. Timing for more severe pruning is determined by when the shrub flowers. 2 p.

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  • MF2945
    Water Gardening: Disappearing Fountains

    Instructions and photos to build a small garden fountain, including a pump and a hidden basin to catch overflowing water. 4 p.

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  • MF2925
    Landscape Design

    Landscape design connects a house or other structure to the environment. This publication describes design and color concepts, lists plants for seasonal color, and includes a landscaping plan and graphics. 16 p.

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  • MF2912
    Water Gardening: Plants for the Water Garden

    A water garden needs several types of plants to be successful. Types of water plants: Submerged, marginal, floating. Favorite plants include lotus and water lily. Plants are the best filtration and oxygenating element in the biological balance of the pond. 8 p.

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  • MF2910
    Water Gardening: Getting Started

    Water Garden Construction: Details for planning and layout of the pond, fish, sunlight requirements, depth, size, excavation, choosing the liner, pumps, filters, waterfalls, and other features. 4 p.

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Displaying 6 to 10 of 23 Publications.

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