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Environment and Natural Resources » Farm Ponds

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  • MF2913
    Water Gardening: Maintenance

    Once the water garden is set up, weekly checks, trimming, dredging (cleaning the pond bottom), and feeding are needed. Maintenance needs for each season are described in the publication. 2 p.

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  • MF2910
    Water Gardening: Getting Started

    Water Garden Construction: Details for planning and layout of the pond, fish, sunlight requirements, depth, size, excavation, choosing the liner, pumps, filters, waterfalls, and other features. 4 p.

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  • MF2911
    Water Gardening: Biological Balance

    Creating a healthy ecosystem in the pond is essential for clear water and healthy plant and fish life. Algae are important to a balanced water garden. Use dechlorinator before adding life to the pond. Test water hardness and pH. 4 p.

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  • S147
    Waterers and Watering Systems: A Handbook for Livestock Producers and Landowners

    To protect streams and ponds from erosion and pollution, provide livestock with other sources of water like tanks, troughs, etc. 151 p.

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  • MF2737
    Alternative Livestock Watering: Covered Concrete Waterer

    A remote waterer, instead of livestock drinking from a pond, provides cooler, cleaner, fresher water and eliminates livestock damage to pond edges, spillway, and dam.

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Displaying 6 to 10 of 25 Publications.

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