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Environment and Natural Resources » Farm Ponds

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  • MF515
    Grazing Distribution

    Grazing distribution is the pattern created by livestock grazing rangeland or pasture. Uniform distribution is needed for long-term management & effective use of forage, & protects water sources.

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  • MF2463
    Phosphorus and Water Quality in Kansas

    Phosphorus is essential for crop plant growth. It can move into surface waters & cause impairments of normal uses. Phosphorus is primarily a surface water quality problem, not groundwater.

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    Animal Waste Lagoon Water Quality Study

    Anaerobic lagoons are used to collect, treat, and store waste at many concentrated animal operations. Movement of nitrate-nitrogen into aquifers used to supply drinking water is a concern.

  • MF1044
    Wastewater Pond Design and Construction

    Where soil is clayey with poor drainage and space is available, wastewater ponds are often the best alternative for home waste treatment and disposal when municipal systems are not available.

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  • MF2214
    Minimum Standards for Design and Construction of Onsite Wastewater Systems: Bulletin 4-2

    Wastewater from a home shall be discharged to a properly designed & maintained septic tank–soil absorption field or wastewater pond, approved alternative system, or permitted sewage treatment plant.

Displaying 21 to 25 of 25 Publications.

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