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  • S152
    Crop Insects of Kansas

    Print only. Field guide to important arthropod pests and beneficials affecting major crops in Kansas. Descriptions, basic biology, type of damage, and notes on management practices. 154-page, spiral bound, color.

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  • MF2887
    Ants: Structural Pests

    Most ants can be a nuisance in a home and lawn, but a few species can damage structures or bite or sting if disturbed. Includes color photos of common ants. 4 p.

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  • EP162
    Insect Identification Service Instructions for Submitting Samples

    Capture undamaged insects. Vials of vinegar will kill, preserve small insects. Freezing kills large insects without damage. Pack in tissue paper, canister. Mail with form.

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  • S131
    Insects in Kansas

    Ordering information online for this print-only publication. Insects in Kansas contains more than 500 pages, 920 photographs, the culmination of over a century of study and observation. See also: Insects in Kansas 2016 Revised Taxonomy: Addendum at, order from

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  • S121
    Identifying Caterpillars in Corn and Sorghum

    Photos, descriptions, diagrams of caterpillar pests of corn & sorghum: fall armyworm, black, variegated & dingy cutworm, cattail caterpillar, corn earworm, European & SW corn borer, Stalk borer, etc.

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Displaying 11 to 15 of 22 Publications.

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