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Environment and Natural Resources » Drinking Water

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  • MF3109
    Establishing a Stream Monitoring Network in the Landon Creek Watershed

    Graphics, text, and photos show results from monitoring total nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids (or sediment), as well as E. coli, in a watershed restoration and protection strategy (WRAPS) in the Landon Creek area of the Big Creek and Middle Smoky Hill River watersheds. The watersheds include parts of Trego, Ellis, Rush, Russell, Barton, Lincoln, and Ellsworth counties. Results from 2007 through 2012 are provided. 4-page, full color.

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  • MF3024
    Water Primer: Part 5, Water Law

    Highlights the main features of water law in Kansas, including common law principles and legislation at the state and federal levels. It includes changes to water law enacted in 2012. 8 pages, color.

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  • MF3023
    Water Primer: Part 4, Surface Water

    Rivers, tributary streams, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds are typically referred to as surface water. The source is almost all precipitation and runoff. Publication includes maps of runoff, streamflow, and watersheds, and discusses watershed management. 8 pages, color.

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  • MF3065
    Identification and Management of Blue-green Algae in Farm Ponds

    A pond containing a harmful algal bloom may be covered with scum that looks like bright green paint, but other colors are possible. Water may have an unpleasant smell. Harmful algal blooms are serious threats to livestock health and may be fatal. Test suspect water sources to minimize livestock loss and poor animal performance. 4 p.

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  • MF3022
    Water Primer: Part 3, Groundwater

    Groundwater is free or unbonded water located beneath the ground surface in an aquifer, a geologic formation containing a sufficient quantity of water that can be removed by pumping. Publication includes diagrams of wells and maps of aquifers. 8 pages, color.

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Displaying 6 to 10 of 36 Publications.

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